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Michelin are innovators in the world of agricultural tyres.They are able to offer a full range of products from the smallest 85 series Agribib upto the large volume Machxbib and soon to be launched Cerex bib.The name Michelin is synonymous with quality.
The Latest additions to the Michelin Agricultural family will be the new “Spraybib” and “Cerex Bib” although not available yet within the UK, the new technology that these two products bring with them plug gaps in the high speed self propelled sprayer and High Volume Harvester tyre market.
Having launched the worlds first IF(Improved Flexion) and VF(Very high flexion) class agricultural tyres they have now incorporated this technology into the Sray bib product range.This range is a D Rated radial tyre with superb carrying capacity at high speed. Using the technology first brought to the market place with the Axiobib range, the VF Technology allows the same weight to be carried at 20% less air -pressure the standard tyres. The VF Technology delivers a large contact surface area during operations. Consequently more lugs are in contact with the ground and so provide better traction in conjunction with less slippage. This also allows for a more comfortable ride both in the field and on the road. The spray bib product should be available within the UK towards the end of 2011 but in the mean time it is available as an option through AGCO and their Gator range.

New Michelin tyres for largest combines
Michelin is launching two new sizes within its innovative CerexBib range of combine harvester tyres. The new tyres, manufactured using Michelin’s patented Ultraflex technology, are purpose-designed for the largest machines expected to be delivered to customers in 2012.
The first of these new dimensions, IF (Improved Flexion) 800/70 R 38 CFO (Cyclic Field Operation), will be launched in the UK in January 2012, with the second size, IF 900/60 R 38 CFO, following in May 2012.
The new tyres are being launched in direct response to equipment manufacturers designing even heavier machines. In 2012, the maximum grain tank capacity is expected to increase to 14,500 litres, compared with 11,500 litres in 2011. In the eight years between 2003 and 2011, grain tank capacity has nearly doubled from 6 to 11t
With a diameter of 2.05m, the two new CerexBib tyres offer high ground clearance, enabling farmers to harvest in extreme soil conditions. Each tyre’s larger footprint also helps to deliver enhanced traction and allows farmers to improve front grip when harvesting on sloped ground.
Michelin UK product marketing and technical manager Laurent Mozziconacci said: “Harvester manufacturers continue to introduce more powerful, heavier and wider equipment to improve harvest productivity. But the demand for more efficient harvesters has drawbacks for farmers and contractors, who have to factor in soil compaction, load capacity and traffic regulations.
“The first Michelin CerexBib tyres launched in 2010 have already helped to overcome these constraints. The launch of these additional sizes will ensure CerexBib tyres continue to provide the optimum fitment for the latest generation of harvesters.”
CerexBib tyres have already gained a reputation for easing road travel for combine harvesters. The new tyres allow manufacturers to fit even narrower sized tyres than offered elsewhere on the market. For example, the new CerexBib IF 800/70 R 38 CFO has a greater load capacity than a conventional 900/60 R 38 tyre. As a result, manufacturers can optimise harvester size without exceeding a 3.5m width – the critical point at which EU regulations stipulate that wider harvesters have to be escorted on the road. With CerexBib, farmers no longer need an escort.
CerexBib tyres are also proven to significantly reduce the level of soil compaction caused by today’s increasingly heavy machines as they are designed to work at a pressure of less than 2 bar. The tyres also benefit from a higher rate of deflection than conventional technology tyres, ensuring a footprint that is up to 20 per cent larger, further reducing soil compaction.
Michelin has designed the CerexBib tyres with a new architecture, new materials and an innovative tread design to protect fields and deliver higher load capacity for a narrower width. This performance balance directly benefits large grain farmers, contractors and farm machinery cooperatives.


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